61 Snowy Jungle

by Helen Baker ( Pages 1 2 )

62 comment récupérer les 12 singes

by Xavier Clemencin

63 stuck in riddle vault of anubis

by Farmer Alane

64 fiery path of conquering

by Amanda Hendrix

66 kingdom under the sea

by Jackie Miller

67 iOS specifics

by Bill Dritz

68 Tiger Woods

by Kerrie Longden ( Pages 1 2 3 )

69 Tomb of the First Emperor

by Shannon Ryle

70 abandoned market

by Doris Weatherall

71 Arena of the crane NO KEY!!!

by Bruce Parson

72 Abandoned Market

by Laurie Sandeman

73 Machine room

by Curly Jones

76 Hyperion's Temple

by Tracy Shankle

77 Professors switch issues

by Jennifer Bozarth

78 STUCK in Jotunheim

by Beverly Brown

79 Luxor Electrical substation

by Shirley Wilson

80 Stuck in Scandinavia

by Kirsten Nancy

81 Gaia's Garden

by Teri Moore

82 Sneferu Family in Frozen Lands

by Shari Eriksson

83 riddle vault ------ DOMINO'S

by Tony Raybould

84 Library of ancient myths

by William Karr

85 reino do fundo do mar

by Heraldo Conrado Hebling

87 Dwarven stone pit

by Lyn Catterall

88 hyperion's temple

by Sofia Santos

90 Terrified Village

by Barbara Miketta