61 Ancestrial Vault

by Victoria Noble

62 Docks warehouse

by Doris Nolen Hood

63 Fiji Islands

by Roger Elliott

64 Opening Tiger Woods

by Marcia Johnston

66 Trapped in Main/Pen-Stock

by Adam Thompson

67 Absolute Palace

by Linda Farrell

69 la tombe de bermudchamun

by Joelle Herpin

71 Egypt city

by Isabella Moors

72 Winter Strongmen chambers 3 rolling help

by Lee Norton ( Pages 1 2 )

73 affichage des quêtes

by Yasamake Got

74 ODIN Runes de Ragnarok

by Marie-Paule Delavaud

75 systéme d'échange du prof

by David Vauclin

76 Atlas' Maze

by Janell Vance

77 Winter Strongman Chambers 4

by Philippa Alderton

78 souveraine de luxor

by Roseline Paillasse

79 Strongman Trophy

by Kimberley Clack

80 Gaia, City at War

by Catherine Walker

81 Riddle Vault of Isis

by Christine Shone

84 Winter cave of rolling.

by Linda Panas

85 Mummy Makeover

by Valerie Alwood

86 missing strongman

by Kathy Laderoute

87 Need help unlocking Scandinavia

by Gayle Stapleford Noga

88 Icy Chamber

by Cheryl Kinnear

89 AIAKOS map

by Dan Bolton

90 Party Islands

by Gay Carefoot