61 Magesterium Paris

by Beth Bentley

62 Problème pour être voisin

by Sylvie Laplaud-sznyter

63 Pagoda Chinese of Bureaucrats

by Marga Serrano Gonzalez


by Jane Easton

65 New Photo Studio

by Fiona Turnbull

66 sherif castel

by Margarida Cunha

67 Jarl Olaf Concert Hall

by Kathy Vieregge

68 Hall of singing swords

by Meg Staton

69 Blueberry Shrubberies

by Magnus Billberger

70 Luxor electrical substation

by Diggy Dig

71 Treacherous Path

by Robin Gillette ( Pages 1 2 )

74 robin hood challenge #5

by Krista Fogleson

76 Base of Chuck Borris

by Sue King

77 Abandoned sportservice

by Stephen Brindley

78 stuck in GAROTON VILLAGE.... got help - IT WORKS !!!!!!

by Inca Berry ( Pages 1 2 3  7 )

79 Garoton village Mirror Lights

by Karen Jones

80 Tiger Woods, arrow stones

by Gene Rasmussen

81 Another Bastet Enquiry.

by Carol Lee-Delmoure

82 Treachreous Path

by Kim Goodrich

84 Fjhordhelm Bank

by Margaret Williams

85 Stinky den.

by Russell Haney

86 Please Help. Really stuck!!

by Denise Albertson

87 schule der skalde

by Christian Held

88 salle des quatre rois

by Viviane Brisseault

89 Dragon's domain

by Michal Prsanec

90 Dragon's Domain gold

by Stefan von Kiel