61 Wing of Ancient Civilizations

by Colette Rick

62 Sanctuary

by Deirdre May

63 back door to Asgard

by Jane Phillips

64 Freya's summer home

by Ivana Reidmore

65 Kong Lin Cemetery

by Jon Ramsey

67 Kong Lin Cemetery

by Debb Ellingson

69 Gifts.. not receiving

by Chantal Adele Healing

70 camino de resistencia

by Julio Barba

71 "Almost there" 9/10 pages

by Emri Rigoletta

72 Gydas Chambers

by Nadina Russell

74 Kong Lin Cemetery

by Jane Fuller

75 tunnels des nains

by Sylvie Chiasson

76 secret passway absolut palace

by Evi Verwimp-bogaerts

77 unlock

by Fred Metz

78 bermudland

by Françoise Chaumé

79 Luxor electrical substation

by Regina Mays

80 Training Grounds of the Tiger

by Mary-Ann Verwey-Whalen ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

81 Couryard of Burfaucracy

by Ginette Pichette

82 Ragnarok

by Debbie Deane

83 Stuck in China

by Sasha Cameron

84 Bermudchamun's Tomb

by Ian Diggy ( Pages 1 2 )

85 Wing of Ancient Civilisations

by Anthony Zabinec

86 shanghai old town

by Millie Brown

87 eqyptian wing missing tiles

by Heather Boenig Danser

88 I Need Windmills!

by Renee Rusk

89 journal pages

by Juliee Davey

90 Hall of Pain - China

by Dave Wilshaw