62 Ancestral vault....toothpick

by Michael Franke

63 Cave of Loud Noises

by Amy Miller

64 riddle vault of isis

by Lurenda Richter

65 sorcerer lab ?

by Christina Wallace

66 Kürbisreich

by Gerald Huber

67 root veg

by Ian S Dewhurst

68 Garmr's island

by Chris Parker

69 bandit caves

by Pascale North

70 Stuck on Bachelor Party

by Kevin Gibbs

71 Lost Map Vault of Guardians

by Kevin Gibbs

72 school of scalds

by Beth Horvatin

73 Jarl Olar Concert hall

by Tom McGovern

74 cimetière de la mort agitée

by Julienne Maharet

75 sickly hollow

by Nelly Natus

76 Path of Balance

by Amy Miller

78 Himinbjorg

by Andrew Grant

79 ancienne forge des nains

by Pascale North

80 Just can't make this out

by Christine Davies

81 Twin Toad Market is Awesome

by Irrianna Regole

82 3rd floor of riddle vault of isis

by Lurenda Richter

83 stuck Heimdall's Hideout

by Kerstin Kühn

85 Hel's Waiting Room (Frigga)

by Eliz Purves

86 blackstone keep

by Alsensjö Peter

87 Derelict Dwarven Depository

by Laurie Michel

88 Twin Toad Market Dracula

by Helen Mckinley-Ricardo ( Pages 1 2 )

89 Frog - Oracle

by Jenny Hall

90 Sabrina's home

by Leticia Maya