62 ptahs curse

by Betty Brice

63 Let's Decipher Quest

by Raymond Cooper

64 Ecole des Brûlures

by Rachel Garnier

65 CHINA - Wooden Path of Conquering

by Melanye Sarinana

67 Admin Help Gaia's Cradle

by Coffee Chick

68 Grazing Meadows

by Betty Roberts-Lambert

69 Skandinavia-problem

by Thomas Lindner

70 Fjordheim bank

by Mel Hardy

71 Help getting back to Egypt

by Teresa Menas

73 Atlantis Helios Temple

by César Monteiro

74 Kung Fu Prison

by Erna Jol

76 malédiction de Ptah

by Séssé Vivine

77 location of apple trail

by Cheryl Branum

78 School of Skalds

by Amy Miller ( Pages 1 2 3  6 )

79 Forest of Lost Souls

by Maggie Winham

80 base of chuck borris

by Gerry Legros

81 stuck in luxor

by Beth Phillips

82 temple of 1000 candles

by Lesley Jones

84 tracks and tombs

by Amy Schofield

85 riddle of anubis

by Michael Pearson

86 Repeatable week

by Martin Koster

87 Cursed Thicket China

by John-Debbie Lamb

88 garoton village

by Linda Howells

89 Sunny Clearings

by Dave Wilshaw

90 Calligraphic Workshop

by Natacha Hernalsteen