62 ScreenShot?

by Melodee Grove

63 Burned-down Fire Station

by Randy Johnson

64 Salon de Louis Python lights

by Angela Kalinovich

66 Old Catacombs

by Louise Race

67 forun guide line

by Les Heslop

68 help lost map

by Laura Egri

69 Bluestone Lair

by Sue Kartzmark

70 Treasures of Set

by Trish Mathers

71 Evil lumberjack base

by Pancho Bort


by Steffen Bissinger

73 where's Jane

by Jan Kemp

74 Evil Lumberjack Base

by Grace Bartoszak Nolan

75 Lair of Jfalar and Galar

by Lucinda Green Caldwell

76 poetic hall

by Fabio Pergolati

77 missing last tile

by Michael Franke

78 Baloos Paradise

by Sue Kartzmark

79 New item - cant find it

by Adam Bartel

80 decorations full

by Filipe Pires

81 Akela's Task

by Jennifer Rikley

82 Cleopatra's Garden

by Sheila Walshe-Blackmore

83 cat's claw

by Katerina Margaritou

84 Iron Workshop in Scandinavia

by Clyde Carey

85 City of Bird People

by Vanessa Ede

86 Fjordheim bank

by Shez Za

87 disappearing windmills

by Roy Kloth

88 ruined city

by Clyde Carey

89 Help! Fjordheim Crypt

by Bente Pettersen

90 Under the Mountain

by Hayden White