61 stuck Heimdall's Hideout

by Kerstin Kühn

62 Pumpkin Realm

by Vicky Banasiou

64 Hel's Waiting Room (Frigga)

by Eliz Purves

65 blackstone keep

by Alsensjö Peter

66 Derelict Dwarven Depository

by Laurie Michel

67 Twin Toad Market Dracula

by Helen Mckinley-Ricardo ( Pages 1 2 )

68 Frog - Oracle

by Jenny Hall

69 Sabrina's home

by Leticia Maya

71 Can't find Doubledoor

by Daniela Reich

72 Vecinos

by Nirma Fernandez Moncada

74 le royaume de la citrouille

by Christel Chataignier

75 ile l'oracle

by Alice Julien

76 cantine de fjordheim

by Marie Christine Bertillon

77 Under the Bridge

by Tiffanie Walker

78 pavilion of celestial treasure

by Claudia Ashley

79 Lumber Warehouse

by Carol Johnston

81 runes of ragnarok

by Penelope Gregory

82 Herberts Bath (Halloween Trophy)

by Gene Rasmussen

84 game bug in "Oracle Islands"

by Keith Plummer

85 Sherlock items gone?

by Lucy Fur

86 Just can't make this out

by Christine Davies

87 Twin Toad Market

by Farmer Smith

88 River of Miracles

by Michael Rathbone

89 Deep Forest

by Rodrigo Perez ( Pages 1 2 3 4 )

90 Ball of yarn

by Linda Hedrick