Topic: Forum Rules

Forum Rules

1. Real Life Threats
Voicing the intention to find and do harm to another person (fellow player or Diggy's Adventure team member) within the game or forum is strictly forbidden.

2. Spam and advertising
Any situation intended to saturate a player's interface through any method (chat, personal messages, forum) is forbidden. This includes advertising other games or products.

3. Content
Anything that causes offense by being of an unacceptable quality that may hurt an individual's integrity is strictly forbidden. The standards will be set by the game team. Content might be censored, punished on a temporary or permanent basis. No complaints will be processed about this and the final word will be with the game team.

This includes but it is not limited to: inappropriate, vulgar language hostile, insulting, racist content, flaming or inciting content, pornographic, immoral content, political, religious content, illegal activity, drug use, violence, illegal downloading, cheats, hacks, copyrighted content etc.



  1. Remember that member of the game support team has authority to block you from posting to the forum on a temporary or permanent basis.

  2. These rules also apply to in-game chat, in-game personal messages. Usernames, nicknames, signatures and avatars included.

  3. Negative behavior on any of the services may end up in a permanent or temporary ban from all of the services.